WAGYU EYE FILLET AA9+ (2.9 - 3.2kg)

WAGYU EYE FILLET AA9+ (2.9 - 3.2kg)

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WAGYU EYE FILLET AA9+ (2.8 - 3kg)

Please note that when this product is requested to be cut into steaks you loose about 700gr of trim leaving approximately 2.1 to 2.3kg of steak

Our Wagyu and 1824 Beef 

Renowned for its succulent taste, tender textures and mouth-watering flavours, no longer do you have to visit a restaurant to experience such quality. 

Our alliance to act as domestic distributors for Australian Agricultural Company’s (AACO) world renowned 1824 and Wagyu products was formed in July 2014. An alliance that we hope will help bridge the gap and improve access to products that were once considered a delicacy on the domestic market. 

Who Are AACO?

Established in 1824, Australian Agricultural Company (AACO) is Australia’s largest integrated cattle and beef producer, and the oldest continuously operating company in Australia. Today, AACO owns and operates properties comprising of approximately 7 million hectares of land. This equates to around 1% of Australia’s land mass. 

AACO is renowned for their award winning Grain Fed MSA 1824 beef, Darling Downs Wagyu and Kobe Cuisine Wagyu products. 

Carefully raised and bred to the highest of standards, their stress-free upbringing helps to lock in the flavour we enjoy, whilst ensuring that the product delivers maximum eating satisfaction.

We are passionate about helping your clients to broaden their palates and sample the finest in beef cuisine. And thanks to our alliance with AACO, we are now able to do just that. 

Through our responsible marketing as AACO’s 1824 and Wagyu beef distributors, you can now access this premium product all year round, without ever having to switch suppliers or deal with excessive costs. 

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