About Tip Top

Delicious, Quality Meats at Affordable Prices

Tip Top ButchersGood meat comes from Butchers who source and select their meat carefully and here at Tip Top Butchers, that’s exactly what we do.We buy only from trusted suppliers and demand only the best quality.From Farm to You at Affordable Prices. Because we’re meat wholesalers with a large existing customer base, our product turnaround times from delivery to sale are fast.  This means your meat is guaranteed to be the freshest available.In addition, or bulk meat buying capabilities and the fact that there is no “middle man” also means we can pass on great savings to all our customers no matter how much or little you buy.“We believe everyone should not only be able to afford a nice steak, but a big one”Little wonder people come from all over Melbourne and surrounds to shop and save with us.Tip Top ButchersVacuum Sealed for Your ConvenienceAll our meat is hygienically vacuum sealed so it stays fresher for longer without taking up valuable freezer space. It can be safely stored in the fridge for several weeks which means your choice of dinner isn’t limited to what you’ve remembered to take out of the freezer the day before. Of course, you can always add extra shelf life to the products by freezing them.The “Family Owned” Difference

Our modern facility is the culmination of 45 years of dedicated family input.  “We want it to reflect the feelings of home rather than just a cold, impersonal environment” say store directors Paul and Carlo who, along with other members of the De Bortoli family have grown the original Local Butcher shop in Footscray to the size you see today.

“We’ve been able to do this because we look after our customers; which means they keep coming back and referring their friends.”Tip Top Butchers

When you visit our store you’ll discover that nothing’s too hard as far as customer service goes.  We’re happy to take phone orders and have your meat ready for you to collect when you arrive. We can also mince, marinate, cut or dice any meats to your requirements.

So - Visit our store today to save on all your meat and deli needs.