My husband like his steaks cut thick, but I like my steaks cut thin can you help?
Yes of course, if you would like one steak cut thick and one cut thin for your family meals we can pack these together ready for when you need them. One of my customers asks for two big thick Porterhouse steaks, and two small Porterhouse steaks all in the one bag. The two big steaks are for Mum and Dad and the two small steaks for the children.

We are going away camping - can I freeze my meat?
Yes you can. I am quite happy to freeze your order for you, if that would help. We can freeze your meat much quicker in our freezers, which will help maintain quality. We can also Cryovac your meat as well.
TIP: To maintain the eating quality of your meat FREEZE QUICK. THAW SLOW (in the fridge).

We like our steaks cut really thick can you do this for us?
Yes, a number of our customers order T-Bone steaks cut 40mm thick. It's not a problem for us to do this for you, just tell us when you order how you would like the steaks cut.

Are you Halal certified?